Nike Schroeder


“berlin-based artist nike schroeder stitches and dedicates her time and passion to her own artistic experiment. ‘the edgar eduard emma herbst series’ is an homage to a friend of schroeder’s and plays with ‘the adaption of the chaotic way the thread develops painting like qualities very adequate to his personal character.’

schroeder has the ability to expose raw emotions and bring them to the surface of her textile work through a certain degree of violence in the repetition of penetrating and attacking found in the relationship between needle and fabric. her deconstructed contour drawings, that allow for threads to hang free, carry a sense of natural and untamable movement not found in other mediums.

currently focusing on work for galleries, schroeder has also done commission work with costume and set designers for theater productions and illustrations for magazines and books. her most recent work is solely composed of thread and fabric, her fascination with the nature of the material, and the alienation of its pristine historical usability”. [From Designboom/ De Designboom]

Complete post with more pictures / Post complet avec plus de photos. (in spanish / en espagnol).

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