Olek & Tony’s Gallery


“designboom has received images of the new crocheted installation by poland-born and new york-based artist agata olek (olek). the show, ‘I do not expect to be a mother, but I do expect to die alone’, for tony’s gallery in london is her first solo exhibition within the UK. the artist, known for her public fiber art, sculpture and inflatable works, has designed a sculptural, mixed-media environment entirely through crochet for the gallery space in the camouflage motif typical to her style. the concept for the installation is primarily text-based, as olek has recreated her personal SMS text and e-mail messages upon the varied surface space available in the apartment space she has fabricated. in addition to the crochet-written works, olek has fashioned a bedroom scene containing domestic objects entirely covered in fiber. the exhibition is a physical realization of her experience of recently relocating to the UK.

‘it is not just another apartment installation; it is the reflection of life, love, trust and lust in current times. it is the progression of my life as a woman, as a female artist put together through text messages, emails and personal objects and experiences… blood, sweat and tears and cum camouflaged with the sparkle of my colourful cheeky humour, as we all do when carrying on with our lives.’ -agata olek”. [From Designboom/ De Designboom].

Complete post with more pictures / Post complet avec plus de photos. (in spanish / en espagnol).

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One Response to Olek & Tony’s Gallery

  1. mike ep says:

    If there was a hell, and I was sent there, this would be my bedroom.

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