Helle Jorgensen

“Helle Jorgensen, AKA Gooseflesh, is an artist who does beautiful work using reclaimed materials to create fresh takes on nature. For example, she uses recycled bags to make sea creatures or reclaimed wool to make coral gardens. In addition to her crochet work she does artistic collecting, embroidery and drawing. According to a great interview at Chain Creative, she loves that crochet connects to so many things including the generations of the past, math and science. She also likes that it lends itself well to sculpture work and that it offers a rhythmic experience that is meditative. Simply Knitting reports that Jorgensen spends upwards of 40 hours per week crocheting. Her work has been exhibited in a variety of locations over the past several years”. [From Crochet Concupiscence/ De Crochet Concupiscence].

Complete post with more pictures / Post complet avec plus de photos. (in spanish / en espagnol).

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