Vera João Espinha

“I learned to crochet with my grandmother during my early school years, i was 8 or 9 years old. it was a way to entertain myself after school. since then i always liked to crochet and knitting. in 2005, after having won an honorable mention in a portuguese contest, in the category “contemporary jewellery” with a collection i had made for myself, i decided to continue and create more accessories and contacted a store to see their commercial viability.

I have no doubt that my first inspiration source comes from childhood, from the contact i had with my two grandmothers, who did everything by hand. the delicate work of crochet from my grandmother leonilda, with whom i learned to crochet, still the higher source of inspiration, and my other grandmother idalina, who was a seamstress. for me, creativity is a continuous process. is very important to be receptive to new experiences from our everyday life. our work must reflect our life and experiences to be authentic”. [From A Place For Twiggs/ De A Place For Twiggs].

Complete post with more pictures / Post complet avec plus de photos. (in spanish / en espagnol).

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