Lalala toys

“lalala toys begun in 2008, when two Graphic Designers tired of the computers found in the handmade a new way to express themselves.Mariale creates and knitting little by little she makes the form of the toy she wants to give life. She uses needles of different sizes and threads of every color and thickness depending of the size of the toy. On the other hand Jorge , illustrator, who is not very fond of crochet but wishing to create with his own hands, decided to follow her but in a different way. He gathered a lot of socks and gloves and changed them into small, nice and soft little toys.

Jorge and Mariale live in Barcelona. When they are not doing dolls try to take nice rides for photo shoots”. [From the artist’s website/ Du website de l’artiste].

Complete post with more pictures / Post complet avec plus de photos. (in spanish / en espagnol).

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  1. Thank you very much for the Post! 😀
    Great job!

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