Felicity Ford

Knitted Speakers (2007)


Memoryphones (2009)


Hûrd (2012)


Designs / Modèles


“Since completing my PhD in The Domestic Soundscape and beyond… presenting everyday sounds to audiences in 2011, I have been working as a practicing artist. In May 2013 I will commence an early career research fellowship at Oxford Brookes University, developing my practice within the context of the Sonic Art Research Unit.

Although I work with a variety of media including silk-screen printing and hand-knitting, I am best known for my creative uses of sound. My projects use field-recordings and interviews to explore the meaning of objects and social contexts, and in the UK I am gaining recognition for my socially-engaged approach to working with everyday sounds.

Domestic themes – food, clothing, shelter – preoccupy my work, and recent commissions include Sonic Wallpapers (funded by Museum of Domestic design and Architecture) in which historic wallpapers were explored through sound; a soundtrack for a 1930s antenatal care film, Bathing & Dressing, Parts 1 & 2, (funded by The Wellcome Library and The British Film Institute); and a hand-knitted sound-system, Hûrd A KNITSONIK™ PRODUKTION, combining wool and sounds taken from Cumbrian sheep farms (funded by The Wool Marketing Board and Rheged Art Gallery)”. [From the artist’s website/ Du website de l’artiste].

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