Thread projects / Projets Thread

Projects knitted or crocheted with thread yarn / Projets tricotés ou crochetés avec fils ‘thread’.


Coiled Medallion Necklace, by/de Stefanie Fail

Crochet “Spiral Bead Bracelet”, by/de Myra Wood

Beaded, Crocheted Friendship Bracelets, by/de Ashley Weeks Cart

Blue Pincushion with a Clover Edging, by/de La Duchesse d’Erat

Lacy River Rocks, by/de Margaret Oomen

Tree in a bottle – Tiny terrarium diseñado por A la Sascha

Ovetti amigurumi, by/de airali handmade

Swirly brooch, by/de Sunnybank Studios

Tapestry Crochet Wallet, by/de Carol Ventura

Simple Crochet Shopping Bag, by/de Australian newspaper


Knitted Wire Bracelet, by/de Nancy Valocik

Anthracite, by/de Brenda Dayne

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