Liisa Hietanen






“Liisa Hietanen was born 1981 in Lohja, Finland. She studied design in the

Lahti Institute of Design 2003-2007 and gratuated as a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Tampere Univesity of Applied Sciences in 2012. Currently she lives and works in Hämeenkyrö, Finland.

Hietanen has taken part in group exhibitions since 2009 such as The Young Artists in the Helsinki Kunsthalle in 2009, Honkahovi Art Centre summer exhibition Haute Couture in Mänttä 2011 and Uusi veistos (New Sculpture) exhibition in the Lahti Art Museum. She has held solo exhibitions in Rajatila Gallery in Tampere 2011 and Sinne Gallery in Helsinki 2012.

In her works Hietanen deals with banal everyday subjects by means of crocheting and knitting. She studies and implements what is common and ordinary”. [From the artist’s website/ Du website de l’artiste].

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One Response to Liisa Hietanen

  1. Manuela Afonso says:

    It’s just amazing, I’ve been crocheting for some time but I’ve never think that kind of work was possible, congratulation! You are an artist, a real one!

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