Joy Kampia O’Shell




“In 2005 I graduated from Messiah College with a degree in Studio Art and an emphasis in textiles. Since then I have pursued my talents in off-loom fiber-structures, particularly crocheted sculpture and wearable art. Recently I have exhibited my art in shows across the U.S., from Pennsylvania to California. I have won a few awards in some of the art shows I have been in, including the Jurors Award at Craft Forms 2005, in Wayne, PA. In July of 2006 my artwork was shown in the feature spread for Crochet! Magazine. In summer of 2008 I was briefly featured in a special episode of the DIY Network’s show, Knitty Gritty. My husband and I currently reside in Denver, CO, with our new daughter, Faith. I am still creating new crocheted artwork from time to time, and have been experimenting with other ideas as well.

While my bright and whimsical artwork is open to a variety of interpretations, my primary inspirations are my love for crochet and humor. Here I include the artist statement that once accompanied my piece Dinner for Eight:

“Because I enjoy the irony between subject matter and material, I have merged my favorite subject matter (food) with my favorite process (crochet). I love food too much to be satisfied with its transience; therefore I am driven to give it permanence through art. I am a passionate advocate for crochet as an art medium–going beyond its traditional uses and exploring its limitless possibilities. By taking both food and crochet out of their ordinary settings, I hope to challenge the viewer’s preconceived notions of their roles.

And I hope it makes people hungry”.  [From the artist’s website / Du website de l’artiste].

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3 Responses to Joy Kampia O’Shell

  1. Sanderella's Crochet says:

    Very creative!! A new follow and I shared!! Lovely!

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