Severina Kids





“Severina Kids creates a beautifully crafted collection of toys and objects for children.

Severina Kids was conceived, and is developed and managed, by Argentinean-Italian designer Alejandra Salvatore. She lives quite as a “globetrotter”, getting inspiration and designing her collections from all around the world.

Alejandra grew up in a textile design environment. Her mother and grandmother were passionate craftswomen and from her early childhood she was surrounded by creative people designing, knitting, sewing and embroidering fabrics.

The name Severina Kids was inspired by the birthplace of Alejandra’s grandparents, Santa Severina, a small village in the South of Italy.

Alejandra takes great care in selecting the materials utilized in her work. Recycled vintage fabrics, scrap remnants from fashion designers, 100% Certified Peruvian Organic Cotton, 100% Argentinean Merino wool, Eco Felt. All Severina Kids’ toys are stuffed with 80% Recycled Polyester from postconsumer PET bottles.

Handmade produced by artisans, Severina Kids objects are distributed from Madrid, Spain, to worldwide destinations, variations in color, fabric and style occur in each and every doll making each piece “one of a kind”. [From the artist’s website/ Du website de l’artiste].

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5 Responses to Severina Kids

  1. Sanderella's Crochet says:

    OMG!! Adorables!! Loved my visit! Sharing!!

  2. susanlogan21 says:

    I just love these very, very lovable 🙂

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