Knot By Gran’ma





[Alice in Wonderland / Alice au pays des merveilles]

“I think it’s pretty amazing how some string and a little imagination can be brought to life with a hook and some patience. I want people to be amazed and happy when they see my crochet work.

I use humor and a little bit of the twisted pieces that I’ve picked up along the years, to create one of a kind monsters and art dolls. These crochet monsters are meant to make you step back and smile, without being too dark or frightening. Bold colors and fun textures are important elements in this. The pieces need to have a little bit of a story to their look, without actually having anything written down about them. I am just learning to add my own personal stories to some of the newer dolls. It’s really an interesting journey.

Surrealism, fantasy, and science fiction art are major influences on my personal style. The works of Dali, Picasso, and Frank Frazetta have always been fascinating to me, and I definitely watched (watch) too many cartoons. My pieces borrow bits and ideas of those artists, and also make it so there’s almost a comic feel to the end result”. [From the artist’s website/ Du website de l’artiste].

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6 Responses to Knot By Gran’ma

  1. They’re awesome 🙂 ❤

  2. The Alice in Wonderland piece is so creepy. My husband would love it.

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