Ann Budd

“The youngest of four children, I was an unremarkable child and would have no story to tell if my father hadn’t dragged us all to Switzerland in 1968 when he had a one-year sabbatical. In the local schools, the boys learned woodworking, technical drawing, and mechanics; the girls learned needle arts and housekeeping. I knew precious little German, but I quickly took to the language of knitting. Rejecting anything that might be considered a traditional “woman’s” career in the 1970s, I studied science in college and ended up with a MS in geology in 1983. Through it all I continued to knit. In 1989, I married, reconsidered my career choice, and decided to pursue a job opening for an editorial assistant for Handwoven magazine at Interweave Press. I worked for Handwoven for a few years, then worked part-time in the book department editing knitting and weaving books while I had three boys (over the course of just 17 months!). When Interweave Knits premiered in 1996, I had the uncommonly good fortune to turn my favorite hobby into a career. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was designing projects, writing and editing books, spinning, and teaching workshops”. [From the artist’s Ravelry / Du ravelry de l’artiste]

9 of our favourite designs / 9 de nos modèles favoris:




Gansey Clock Socks.


Bellefleur Shawl.


Annie’s Scarf.


A Twisted Little Raglan.


Undulating Rib Socks.


Bobble Scarf.


Argyle Vest.


Aime Shawl.

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