Suzan Green







“My name is Suzen and I am a knitter, teacher and artist living and working in Calgary, Canada.

With a background in studio art, I have an almost obsessive urge to keep my hands busy. I started knitting about fifteen years ago, brightly textured hats that I sold online before the days of Etsy and PayPal. We’re talking money orders and wire transfers – the beginnings of a high tech little cottage industry.

In art school my interests in knitting shifted to studio-based projects, including sculptural and performative knit works that allowed me to explore this craft in an entirely different way. I graduated with my BFA in Fibre from Alberta College of Art + Design in 2007, and completed my MFA in Studio Art, Fibres & Material Practices from Concordia University in 2011.

Now, a few years post-academia, I spend the majority of my time working at the public library as a facilitator for early literacy programs. Basically, I spend every morning singing to small children and their parents – it’s pretty much the most amazing gig ever and I constantly have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

I also teach knitting classes regularly at Stash Lounge, a hip local yarn shop that advocates for crafty lifestyles and wooly happiness. Being able to share my enthusiasm and knowledge of knitting with likeminded knitters in such a warm and inspiring environment is pretty great.

At home, I share a studio with my almost-husband Ryan Statz and our toothless, old man of a cat, Ramone. And when I’m not up to my armpits in yarn, you can find me riding my bike, playing Settlers of Catan or drinking copious amounts of tea while binge-watching Dawson’s Creek”.  [From the artist’s website/ Du website de l’artiste].

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