Kimberley Hart

Betty’s Hideaway (2003)



Hearts and Apple Maiden (2003)


“Although she initially resisted feminist readings of her work, Kimberley Hart is known for tackling contemporary gender issues, as well as, more recently, topics of motherhood and environmentalism. “I have a penchant for telling stories,” she says. Hart uses a wide variety of media including toys, guns, and found objects to construct her narratives, both fantastical and real, and relies on her painting and sculpting background as well as her skills as a seamstress, patternmaker, and woodworker to complete her installations. One of her central bodies of work is driven by stories starring an alter-ego, a “quintessential sweet girl, all frills and petal pink,” who relishes typically male activities—thus enabling Hart to come to terms with issues surrounding feminism. In one piece, the little girl sets out with a pink, streamer-adorned weapon to hunt unicorns. “In the world that my alter ego occupies there is no ‘set place’ or expectations to defy,” she says. “It’s in our apprehension of her that we use such constructs to define her”. [From Artsy’s website/ Du website Artsy].

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