Kate Davies

“My name is Kate Davies. I live in a small steading on the edge of the Scottish Highlands where I love writing, designing, and walking in the wonderful landscapes that surround me. I find that all of these activities have a creative and a critical dimension and the best of possible worlds is one in which I productively combine them all.

Some days I feel like a writer who enjoys designing knitwear, on others I seem to be a designer preoccupied with textile history. I have written books and feature articles on a wide range of topics from the American Revolution to the history of lace. I combine my interests in writing and knitwear design in my popular 2012 book, Colours of Shetland as well as in my digital magazine Textisles

I like my choice of materials to have a genuine connection to the landscape in which I live and work, and I feel strongly that part of my role as a designer and writer is to promote and support the British wool and textiles that I love. In this capacity, I’ve successfully worked with several small wool producers, as well as different museums and heritage organisations (for example, shetland.org, and Gawthorpe Textiles). I’ve been an ambassador of Shetland Wool Week, my designs have featured on BBC TV, and my website is archived by the British Library as part of its project to preserve national documentary heritage.

Back in 2010, I suffered a serious stroke at the age of 36. Though I’ve made a good recovery, because of my health issues I don’t teach classes or speak at events”. [From the artist’s website / Du website de l’artiste]

7 of our favourite designs / 7 de nos modèles favoris:


Ursula Cardigan.


Puffin Sweater.


Scatness Tam.


BMC (Betty Mouat Cowl).




Paper Dolls.



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