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“If I were able to leave you with only one piece of crochet advice, it would be to always have fun. Learn the basics, but then just go crazy with your crafty self!. Twinkie ChanSource.

“The joy of crochet is its simplicity: there is only ever one stitch in work and just a few variations of the basic stitches to master, but the possibilities of using and combining those stitches together are endless. Erika Knight. Source.

“There is a simple, sensual pleasure in the colors and textures of the yarns, and for me, inveterate adherent of the work ethic that I am, it provides an excuse to sit still, for after all I am accomplishing something worthwhile. I also find I do my best thinking when I knit, and I often keep a pad of paper nearby to jot things down as they come to mind. June Hemmons Hiatt. From / de The Principles Of Knitting, p. 15.

“Those of you who feel knitting has changed your life,welcome to the club. I can think of no better occupation to reveal your own creativity”. Kaffe Fassett. Source.



“A sweater is a hug you can wear”. The Fuzz. Source.

“My greatest debt is owed to all of the clever knitters throughout the ages who figured out how to create and improve the marvel of engineering that is the handknit sock”. Carol J. Sulcoski. From / de Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn.

“J’ai toujours éprouvé une fascination pour l’aiguille et son pouvoir, de Louise Bourgeois.

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