My name is María Isabel. My designs come from ideas for new accesories I want to wear myself and the need for particular pieces for my daily use.

I was born and raised in Mexico, which is a great inspiration by itself. But I was also encouraged by my family since being a little girl to explore my creative side. Whether it was painting, jewelry making, enameling, sewing, ceramics, among many other crafts, my mom, my sister and I spent many afternoons working with our hands. And who would have guessed that learning one of these crafts, crocheting and knitting, would mean so much for me in the future…

I like to create crochet patterns mostly for easy levels, there are so many beautiful things to make with few elements. I personally write them in english and spanish. They include written patterns and photo tutorials for basic stitches, charts and row by row guidance with support images to make the experience as clear and comfortable as possible.

I usually post a free pattern every week, related with home, accesories and jewelry, all made with crochet simple techniques, with images of the process, charts and written row by row instructions.

And I have some kind of obssesion with bags, don’t know why, I just love them, so I also design patterns for crochet bags which you’ll find in my shop. [From the artist’s Ravelry / Du Ravelry de l’artiste]

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