Cathy Carron

“Much like Edward Scissor-hands, I am Cathy Needle-fingers; It’s hard for me not to be knitting. My Latvian grandmother taught me how; I only wish that she knew how it has defined my life. Knitting is a process of constant exploration. I am particularly interested in new ways of shaping and sculpting – in minimalist fashion – versus surface texture, but delight when new ideas arise no matter. Next up is a sequel to my book ‘Cowlgirls’ – can one ever have too many?

My studio is in New York City, but come summer, gardening competes with the needles (Cathy Spade-hands?) in a village located in the northwest corner of Connecticut.” [From the artist’s website / Du website de l’artiste].

7 of our favourite designs / 7 de nos modèles favoris:


Riot Yoke Pullover.


Top with Cowl.






Off Shoulder Tank.


Puritan-Collar Pullover.


Coco Chenille.

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