Andrea Dezsö






“In my drawings, paper cuts and paintings I tell stories. My visual narratives range from the mystical to the absurd and I often use traditional techniques to express non-traditional or subversive content. I am drawn to the visually unusual, weaving together psychological, historical and ornamental themes, and find unspeakable beauty in the natural world. Sometimes in my dreams I fly, although not as often as when I was a child in Romania, then I flew every night. In one way or another, many of the images I’ve been creating lately touch on the idea of disappearance and absence. There is a sort of absence when a space has never been inhabited, and then there is a different sort of absence that is left behind when something or someone has been removed and is no longer present. It’s more of a negative imprint. I feel that I’m disappearing sometimes, liberated from the confines of a particular self, a reward I experience through my studio practice, the cessation of self-preoccupation and doubt”. [From the artist’s website / Du website de l’artiste]

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