Kristin Omdahl

“Kristin Omdahl has been designing knit and crochet garments for more than 10 years. A familiar face to many, she appeared as the crochet expert on the PBS series Knitting Daily TV for 10 seasons. She has already published 8 books and has been a contributing designer to many more (bibliography below). Her patterns have been distributed in dozens of magazines, and her work consistently draws acclaim for being figure-flattering, well designed, and thoughtfully planned. Passionate about design, Kristin often finds inspiration in nature. Her quirky fondness of mathematics and attraction to natural fibers make knitting and crochet heaven on earth for this talented designer.

Kristin’s brand now extends far beyond knit and crochet patterns. She maintains a strong partnership with Eucalan, with whom she developed an all-natural delicate wash and all-natural perfume to add to their existing product line. Wrapture, her signature Jasmine scent, is available directly from Eucalan ( and at many retailers.

Her line of Yarn, Bamboo So Fine, was launched this year. Milled, spun and hand-dyed in the US, this yarn is sold in 650 yarn hanks, and is available for purchase directly from Kristin on her website at

Another exciting addition to the Kristin Omdahl brand this year has been graphic design. Kristin’s love of mathematics and nature can also be seen in her unique drawings, which have been turned into fabric and then made into bags by the talented team at Erin Lane Bags. It is now possible to purchase Kristin’s beautiful drawings on a unique canvas that will never fade and can actually be used! Three styles are currently available, more will be coming soon. Turquoise Oasis Bags, Lavender Garden Bags, Raspberry Swirl Bags”. [From the artist’s website / Du website de l’artiste]

7 of our favourite designs / 7 de nos modèles favoris:


Ruby Sweater.


Wrapster Shawl.


Annabel Shawl.


Equinox Top.


Enigma Hooded Cardigan.


Shimmer Beaded Lace Cape.


Mother Nature: Triangle-Motif Square Shawl.

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