Nadya Sheremet





“I was born in Ukraine and now I leave in Russia with my husband and son.

From the childhood I have been surrounded by simple and beautiful homemade things thanks to my parents and grandparents.

My grandpa was a painter and a head-master. He was known throughout the city. He formed a historical museum together with his pupils. There were a lot of beautiful little things of prewar period which made me excited .

We spent a lot of time together drawing the landscapes of The Carpathian Mountains.

My grandma was a teacher, she cooks great. The diner in her house was always served up in the same time and the table was set up according to the rules of etiquette. It was she who gave me the first lessons of satin stitch embroidery. I remember that it were field flowers that she loved so much. I am very obliged to these people for who I am”. [From the artist’s blog / Du blog de l’artiste]

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