Lynne Rowe







“My name is Lynne Rowe and I’m a knit and crochet fanatic (some would say obsessed!!). I can’t imagine a day without picking up my needles or hook and creating something fab and funky.

Knit and crochet designing is now my full time job and I love it. My aim is to design fun and quirky knit and crochet projects – perfect for using up odd balls of yarn and reducing wastage. My previous environmental career is still close to my heart and I reuse and recycle yarns as much as possible, whilst keeping my waste yarns to a minimum.

I design for many UK knitting magazines and publications, including Let’s Get Crafting, Knit Today, Inside Crochet and Homemaker. I also teach knit and crochet locally in Cheshire, as I feel it’s really important to pass these skills on. I love to see my students feel so proud and amazed at their achievements.

My dream is to design a huge library of knit and crochet patterns, to write articles for magazines and to publish books. It’s a slow process, and really hard work, but I’ll get there in the end. I’ve just authored my first book called “Fun Hats” which was published in September 2013 by various publishers around the world. I’ve just signed the contract for my second book, which is really exciting”. [From the artist’s website / Du website de l’artiste]

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One Response to Lynne Rowe

  1. kylieison says:

    Love the hot water bottle cover

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