Zoë Landau Konson





“Zoë Landau Konson is a London based artist and designer who creates sculpture that is both commemorative and revealing. She grew up in a creative refugee family, deeply affected by the aftermath of displacement, but brimming with stories, secrets and the unconventional. This environment had a huge impact on her and the themes that now influence her work are generated by a fascination with cultural memory and hereditary narrative.

She uses her work to explore a recurring set of themes and their potential effect; absence and desire, oppression and betrayal, loss and legacy, identity and transformation, secrets, and shadowed voices from the past.

Inspired by architecture, photographs and memorabilia and often drawing from family letters and journals she has collected; Zoë’s sculpture has become a means to communicate the unspoken; the things that are not said but need some sort of documentation.

Working predominantly in 3D, her sculpture is crocheted, stitched or woven and she is currently creating a body of work using hair and architectural structures. Both hair and architecture seem perfect metaphors for the themes that are central to her practice, as well as embodying a sense of time and history.

The nature and rhythm of her work tends to be extremely repetitive and painstakingly time consuming; her method of construction consisting of making hundreds of multiples of similar shape and then uniting them in a final assemblage. She says,

“I think the repetition represents a way of creating order, especially because I’m working with themes that tend to generate so much chaos. There’s also something significant about the ritual of transforming repeated moments into something much more substantial”.

Zoë’s sculpture plays with the uncertainty and possibilities within each of us and the way we choose to express that to the outside world. Teeming with a mass of forms, both tactile and tempting; they also conceal a darker side. It is this contradiction that she finds so compelling and drives her to keep challenging our perception through the use and combination of unconventional form and media”. [From the artist’s website / Du website de l’artiste]

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