Us / Nous


Knitted Art is a blog by Ángela Gómez Ortega and Santiago Tadeo Cervera, the owners of La Maison Bisoux, a spanish blog and online yarn store. It’s their first bilingual venture.

Knitted Art est un blog de Ángela Gómez et Santiago Tadeo, les propriétaires de La Maison Bisoux, un blog espagnol et une boutique de laine en ligne. C’est leur première incursion bilingue.


 The Blog / Le Blog

Welcome to Knitted Art, a blog which deals with knitting, crochet, embroidery and fiber art. Art, in its many forms, will be a major content, but we will also select other forms of knitting, crochet and embroidery that are maybe less artistic but way more usefull. As you see, all our content will be published in english and french.


Bienvenu à Knitted Art, un blog sur le tricot, le crochet, la brodérie et l’art textile. L’art, dans ces multiples formes, sera le contenu principal, mais nous choissirons aussi d’autres formes de tricot, crochet et brodérie qui seront peut-être moins artistiques mais beaucoup plus utiles. Comme vous voyez, tous nos contenus seront publiés en anglais et français.

Contact / Contactez


7 Responses to Us / Nous

  1. Love these pictures of you 🙂 So cool!!

  2. sandy says:

    love the idea of this site. l have studied Spanish and am studying French now. As a fiber [knitter], this is PERFECT for me. thank you for your innovative idea.

  3. susannaa says:

    Very nice your blog

  4. Vivyane Veka says:

    Des articles toujours aussi chouettes, c’est un régal ! : )

  5. Cindy Rice says:

    Thank you for sharing my blog post with your readers.

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